New Approaches with Virtual Perspective

Many different developments in the world and in Turkey in recent years necessitate change in the
industrial processes and its security. In this context, the "Process Safety Virtual Symposium", which will be held under the coordination of Kocaeli Chamber of Industry and the organization of Chem Media / Artkim Group, meets you as a platform where new approaches will be discussed with the support and participation of industrial organizations, public institutions, universities and sector NGOs.

Industry Reviews from Visionary Speakers

"Chemistry and Sustainability" and  "The Effects of Digitalization on Process Safety"  topics will be
discussed by national and international visionary speakers on the live sessions to be held on 9-10
February 2021.

Networking in Virtual Exhibition Area

In the virtual exhibition area, companies that provide services in the fields of product, service and consultancy in the chemical industry will meet with many local and foreign visitors in their target audience. You will open the door to new business connections in our virtual exhibition area, where you can view all the details about exhibitors and communicate with them.


Today, sustainability is not a choice but a necessity for all industrial facilities. In this context, while designing "Process Safety Management Systems", it is naturally necessary to include the concept of sustainability in the model.

"Digital Transformation"

The most effective way to adapt to the new normal and be ready for change according to future innovations is undoubtedly through a properly formed digital transformation program.